Halogen Light Bulb Allergies: Truth or Fiction

Humans love debating to know the truth and one of the subjects that have remained on for long is the question whether indeed bulb allergies are a truth or fiction. The only way an answer to this question can be derived is through expert dissection of the various types of lights and the effects they

Matthew David Parker On Halogen Studio Photography Lighting

Many beginners in photography are not able to choose the right lighting option and this comes down to lack of skills and knowledge about photography and setting the venue well. It is vital to make sure you avail the right tools before embarking on shooting, and lighting is part of the essentials you need to

Arturo Alvarez Demalde Improves The Halogen Business

Halogen lights have become more popular than ever before as the effects on health and sleep shown through studies have suggested that halogen lights are better than bright white lights. Thanks to venture capitalist Arturo Alvarez Demalde, statistics show that halogen lights sales are up, higher than before since they were first introduced to the

Nancy Behrman on Halogen Lamps, Public Relations and Longevity

As one of the most respected leaders in her industry and a genuine pioneer in public relations and brand building, Nancy Behrman is now able to point to over 30 years of success as the founder of Behrman Communications. The public relations and brand building firm specializes in beauty and lifestyle brand publicity, and Ms.

Investors Underground: Halogen Lamps, Warmth and Day Trading

There have been countless studies detailing the impact of lighting and other office features with regard to efficiency and overall workplace productivity, so it should come as no surprise that the type of lighting used in a home office may also have an impact on investment habits and strategies. Investors Underground, a day trading community,

1 Stop Maintenance Reviews Halogen Vs LED Bulbs

1 Stop Maintenance is at it again with another review for another well appreciated business. The business in question, Lucy Lights, is the halogen light and lamp market that is popular in many cities and states in the U.S. and ran by the CEO, Lucy Lights. Ms. Lights got into business selling halogen lamps and

Kimra Bettasso Saved My Halogen Lamp Business

It is said that good comes to those who wait, and while that may be true, it has been my personal experience that good comes to those who bring good to others. There are a few good people left in the world, more than you might could imagine, but we good people don’t let our