Halogen Lamps May Be Effective Solution for Gardeners Limited by Colder Climates

lamp-1159847_960_720There are many regions throughout North America in which gardeners are able to plant all kinds of vegetables on what essentially amounts to a year-round basis. Much to the chagrin of those living in the colder climates in which the winter months often extend well beyond what is officially delineated by the calendar, the vegetable gardening season is limited to a significant degree. As Dr. Sid Solomon has pointed out, there is always a solution available to those willing to search for one, and that principle can certainly be applied in this particular instance.

Through the use of the right kind of halogen lamps, beautiful vegetable crops can be started indoors for transplantation after the last frost date for the region has passed. While most conceive of halogen lamps in terms of the more common use in the beauty industry, many professionals within the agricultural industry have found that crops in need of specific light and warmth conditions thrive under halogen lamps and are thus able to yield tremendous results when they are finally planted outside.

For gardeners who wish to plant the kinds of vegetables that require a long season to provide the kind of yield worthy of an extended effort, growing seedlings indoors is often the only solution available. When warmth is also a requirement for these seedlings, experienced gardeners often turn to halogen lamps in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

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