Investors Underground: Halogen Lamps, Warmth and Day Trading

ceiling-lamp-335975_960_720There have been countless studies detailing the impact of lighting and other office
features with regard to efficiency and overall workplace productivity, so it should come as no surprise that the type of lighting used in a home office may also have an impact on investment habits and strategies. Investors Underground, a day trading community, may indeed be intrigued to find out whether or not there is any effect on the degree of success enjoyed by members of its community that use halogen lamps as opposed to different sources of indoor lighting.

From a purely intuitive perspective, the warmth provided by a halogen light along with the specific type of light emitted should yield an increase in overall productivity and focus during an active day of trading. While this is something that certainly requires confirmation through further study, the potential effect is such that it would be highly beneficial for Investors Underground and others to find out for sure.

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