Kimra Bettasso Saved My Halogen Lamp Business

It is said that good comes to those who wait, and while that may be true, it has been my personal experience that good comes to those who bring good to others. There are a few good people left in the world, more than you might could imagine, but we good people don’t let our light shine as we should. Our light should be shining bright as, if not brighter than, a halogen bulb.

I met one soul whose kindness was lit up like a halogen bulb and her name is Kimra Bettasso. I had been struggling to work my halogen lamp business for the past 3 years, but I felt like I needed to continue the business of my family. Physically, I was unable to do so but tried to anyway. Every day was a physical battle.

One day, Kimra came into my shop and saw me. She was the answer I have been looking for. She thought she was coming into my shop to give me her business, but after talking with her for a few minutes and learning she specializes in retirement plans, I knew she was going to be getting my business instead.

She worked with me and just like the halogen lights and lamps I have sold for years with my family, my face glowed. The business is still being taken care of by my¬†daughter and my son-in-law. Thanks to Kimra Bettasso, everything couldn’t have worked out better and at a more perfect timing.

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