Nancy Behrman on Halogen Lamps, Public Relations and Longevity

As one of the most respected leaders in her industry and a genuine pioneer in public relations and brand building, Nancy Behrman is now able to point to over 30 years of success as the founder of Behrman Communications. The public relations and brand building firm specializes in beauty and lifestyle brand publicity, and Ms. Behrman has long been recognized as a true visionary who is responsible for completely revolutionizing the manner in which the PR industry operates.

As a result, Ms. Behrman is uniquely qualified to offer her insight on a wide variety of subjects, including the longevity of the Behrman PR brand, the public relations industry as a whole and the value of halogen lamps for use in the beauty industry at large. Given the relatively recent celebration of the company’s 30 years in business, Ms. Behrman has been able to deeply reflect on many of these subjects and has provided detailed explanations regarding the rationale behind her specific beliefs.

It’s been repeatedly noted that halogen lamps have a wide range of applications, and this is particularly the case in the beauty industry. Many photographers have found that halogen lamps create ideal lighting situations that are most flattering to the subject and makes it quite simple for the photographer to successfully highlight the subject’s best features. Of course, highlighting a subject’s best features is often the goal of the public relations and brand building campaigns Behrman Communications has become so well known for. The company’s ability to succeed in this regard is certainly one of the main reasons it has been able to thrive over the course of its over 30 years as a leader in the industry.

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