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Investors Underground: Halogen Lamps, Warmth and Day Trading

There have been countless studies detailing the impact of lighting and other office features with regard to efficiency and overall workplace productivity, so it should come as no surprise that the type of lighting used in a home office may also have an impact on investment habits and strategies. Investors Underground, a day trading community,

Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Saved My Business

Do you know what the best thing is about business? It’s when a business has the need of another business’ service. As everyone in the community knows, I sell halogen lamps. I took on my father’s family business back in 1967 and been doing this ever since, however, things went a little down hill rather

Halogen Lamps Done Right

What is  a halogen lamp.  One halogen lamps done right should save money and produce better lighting in a tight space. Halogen lamps done right above the countertops in a kitchen or office.  This is the new lighting design in the houses of today.  In old times we used oil lamps. Then gas the elemental