What’s The Value Of Going To A Gym?

Now that it is March of 2015, we are well into the new year and maybe you have been shirking that little voice inside your head since the new year came through. You know what I’m talking about. The gym? The word that makes lazy people curl up into a ball.

There are plenty of reasons of why you might want to put your foot down and go get a membership right this instant but not so fast! Getting a membership is a good thing, but what is even better is where you get your membership and if you get a personal trainer, who trains you is another important factor that will make your gym-going experience a delight or a nightmare or just a waste of your time and money.

Why get a membership in the first place? Fantastic common question and for that you’re going to get a fantastic obvious answer: Broader range of equipment types. We’re talking different weight machines to focus on the core, everyday used muscles, different cardio machines and hey, some gyms might even have a pool and that’s a plus, right?

Anyone who has trained in Jeff Halevy’s gym can vouch for this statement: There is no gym experience like Halevy Life and there is no personal trainer like Jeff Halevy. In a recent interview with Jeff on NY Daily news, Jeff talks about his gym, the money-back guarantee if you don’t improve and…That’s right, 100% money given back if you do not improve along with what separates him and his gym from the rest.


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